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3D Printing Tutorials

We're full time makers and use 3D Printers almost daily. We've learnt our lesson with kit / DIY printers, time is precious and since when is quality ever not-important. That's why we only use trusted 3D Printers that are backed by innovative leaders within the industry.

To help kickstart you into your 3D Printing projects, we've put together a range of tutorials and guides. We're here to help as well.

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The Maker Revolution

The Maker Revolution celebrates the creation of new devices and the modification of existing ones - the transition from a consumer buying goods to eventually having a major part in their creation. The Maker Revolution places strong emphasis on free (...

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15 Jul 2017

Tips for Installing your Lulzbot TAZ 6 Enclosure

With winter currently in full swing, there's a particularly annoying 3D printing problem that is rearing its ugly head, Warping. For those who don't know, warping is what happens when parts of a printed model shrink due to cold drafts across the heat...

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14 Jul 2017

3D Printing Cheat Sheet

Wouldn't it be great to have a single image, that encapsulated a tonne of handy 3D printing tips and information to hang on the wall behind your 3D Printer? Well, we agree so much so that we've gone ahead and created this infographic/cheat sheet hybr...

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12 Jul 2017

The Lulzbot 3D Printers: Mini vs Taz

Hailing from Aleph Objects in Loveland, Colorado, the Lulzbot range of 3D printers are world renown for their quality, reliability and ease of use. The reason they're so popular? Apart from the gilded Lulzbot technical support (practically 24/7 World...

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19 Jun 2017

Our Review of the MOARstruder by Lulzbot

Toolheads for your 3D printer come in all shapes and sizes. The different models available from Lulzbot are all designed with a specific purpose in mind, usually to add a filament type to your 3D printing repertoire. Dual extruders enable you to prin...

Tags: 3d printing extruders lulzbot moarstruder

2 Feb 2017

Geting Started with CAD for 3D Printing

If you've picked yourself up a 3D printer, you've no doubt printed yourself a heap of models from Thingiverse by now. It's great fun and the best way to learn how to control the options you have available through Cura; scaling, rotating and tweakin...

Tags: 3d design 3d printing cad

1 Dec 2016

PLA 3D Printing Tips

PLA is Poly-Lactic Acid filament, and it's usually the go-to choice for people looking to print larger models or for longer periods of time. The important properties of the material dictate the reasons for using it; it doesn't warp at all and can pri...

Tags: filament grinding jamming pla printing

23 Oct 2016

Printing with Rigid and Flexible Filaments

So we have had a lot of interest in the additional tool heads for the Lulzbot machines, especially the flexible filament extruders. There are a few questions that come along with the possibility of the further investment into 3D printing. We think it...

Tags: filament flexible rigid tool-heads

27 Sep 2016

Your First Print with a Lulzbot 3D Printer

Once you receive and unbox your Lulzbot machine you might be so eager to print things, you skip a few steps in the setup process and all of a sudden you are having all sorts of difficulties that you can’t understand. It happens, what you need i...

Tags: 3d printing beginner first print

23 Sep 2016

Filament types and tips for Lulzbot printers

There is such a wide range of filaments available when you start 3D printing; it’s easy to get lost in all the abbreviations, acronyms, and temperatures. I’ve decided to bring together the most relevant information one should know when se...

Tags: filament guide lulzbot

20 Sep 2016

FAQ on Lulzbot Support and Warranty

What level of support do I get with my Lulzbot products? For all technical support enquiries for anything Lulzbot related, Aleph Objects have support covered all-day long. Email [email protected] and the team over at AO will get back to you as soo...

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24 Aug 2016

Cura: 3D printing software for your Lulzbot Printer

Once you setup your printer and finish printing your first rocktopus, you will inevitably want to move onto more ambitious prints right away. It’s understandable, all the possibilities all at once, I get it. We are going to step you through the...

Tags: beginner cura guide lulzbot tutorial

30 Jun 2016

Our Lulzbot Taz 6 Review

Lulzbot is constantly building upon their printer's design, incorporating the best modifications and add-ons from the community into their newer models.  In May 2016, their newest addition to the TAZ line of printers, the TAZ 6 was released...

Tags: 3d printers lulzbot taz 6

29 Jun 2016

Remote 3D Printing with OctoPi

Remote control of your 3D printer is a particularly appealing concept, especially if you've been forced into a USB tether in the past. Using your new 3D printer should be as simple as plugging it into a controller, uploading some G-Code and pressing ...

Tags: octopi octoprint printer host raspberry pi

22 Jun 2016

How 3D Printing Works

3D Printing is one of the ways we can turn virtual 3-dimensional models into real world objects. It is an Additive manufacturing (AM) process, building models layer by layer. AM is the opposite of subtractive manufacturing which takes a block of mate...

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21 Jun 2016

3D Printing Workshop

Welcome to the 3D Printing Workshop! I'm Aidan from Core Electronics and in this workshop we are going to take a hands-on journey into the exciting technology that is 3D printing. I have personally spent the past 12 months immersing myself into eve...

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13 Feb 2016