Our online electronics courses are for makers, by makers. The team at Core Electronics have handcrafted each of these courses to upskill fellow makers with new technologies and methods. We are here for support if you run into any issues, we're full-time makers. Simply post your question in our forum and expect a fast reply!

Raspberry Pi Workshop for Beginners

Welcome to the Raspberry Pi Workshop for Beginners! Here you'll be able to follow along with our series of bite-sized videos that cover everything you'll need to know to get started with your Raspberry Pi,... Read More

Arduino Workshop for Beginners

Welcome to the Arduino Workshop, where you'll be able to follow our guided course which covers everything you'll need to know in order to create your own Arduino projects and become a leveled up maker. My ... Read More

3D Printing (FFF) Workshop

Welcome to the 3D Printing Workshop! I'm Aidan from Core Electronics and in this workshop we are going to take a hands-on journey into the exciting technology that is 3D printing. I have personally spent t... Read More

Circuit Playground Express Workshop for Educators and Beginners

Welcome to the Circuit Playground Express Workshop! This workshop is geared toward educators and coding beginners, who want to get started programming with this easy to use platform. We will go over everythi... Read More

How to Build Internet-Connected Electronics Projects

What do we mean when we talk about the "Internet of Things"? Mostly we're talking about tiny computers that have access to the internet and do some useful work. Unlike the computers we're used to holding in ... Read More

Python Workshop for Beginners

Welcome to the Python Workshop, where you will learn everything you need to hit the ground running with the worlds most popular programming language Python. My name is Tim and am a passionate maker and cheri... Read More

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