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LoRa nodes are the remote devices that can number in the thousands within a single area. Nodes typically have one or more recurring tasks, such as reading sensor values. That data is transmitted via LoRa to a gateway which can typically service 10,000+ nodes, all day long.
  1. Pycom LoPy4 (LoRaWAN) CE05399 Pycom in Australia

    Pycom LoPy4 (LoRaWAN)

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    | Brand: Pycom
    The LoPy4 is a quadruple bearer MicroPython enabled development board (LoRa, Sigfox, WiFi, Bluetooth) – perfect enterprise-grade IoT platform for your connected Things. With the latest Espressif chipset the LoPy4 offers a perfect combination of power, friendliness, and flexibility. Create and connect your things everywhere. Fast. Learn More
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