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Rigol are a favourite amongst makers for their high-quality and affordable test-and-measurement gear. Their oscilloscopes are outstanding value – bringing modern, fully-featured Digital Storage Oscilloscopes to the maker’s workshop.

Need a Rigol product not listed here? Please contact us as we can easily get any Rigol product custom ordered for you.

The quality and features in entry-level 'scopes has made a huge jump in recent years - In a nutshell, the 4-channel Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope delivers tremendous bang for your buck.  The DS1054Z is so well outfitted, I'd be happy if...
The 4-channel Rigol DS1104Z oscilloscope is a 100MHz powerhouse. The DS1104Z is almost identical to its little brother, the DS1054Z, but brings to the table twice the bandwidth. The 1000Z line of oscilloscopes from Rigol is one of our fa...
An Oscilloscope is a particularly versatile piece of test and measuring equipment. They will (very accurately) display a graph of voltage change over time, allowing us to observe how voltage changes across a circuit in real time! We call these observ...

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