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PowerBoost 1000 Charger - Rechargeable 5V Lipo USB Boost @ 1A - 1000C

SKU: ADA2465

$29.18 AUD, inc GST
$26.53 AUD, exc GST
PowerBoost 1000 Charger - Rechargeable 5V Lipo USB Boost @ 1A - 1000C
29.18 AUD

SKU: ADA2465

$29.18 AUD, inc GST
$26.53 AUD, exc GST
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If your project uses USB power and/or a LiPo battery, then the PowerBoost 1000 is about to become your favourite bit of gear! So what is it?

The PowerBoost is a USB charger for any single cell (3.7V/4.2V) LiPo/LiIon battery which can power another USB device at the same time. And if you want to make your project mobile, not only can you charge your LiPo on this board, but it contains a built-in load-sharing, DC/DC converter which allows the same LiPo to power the USB port with 5.2V for your portable projects!

If you're after something simpler and dont need the 1A battery charger, smart load-sharing, or 1A iOS resistors, check out the Powerboost 500C.

Why 5.2V you might ask? Well, fortunately for us, Adafruit thought ahead. 5.2V is within the USB specification so all USB devices should work with it, but it prevents the voltage falling below 5V when using longer USB cables or during high current draw. There are two on-board charging indicator LEDs, the yellow one will light up when on, and the green one will light up when charging is complete.

The load-sharing circuitry automatically switches over to USB power (via the microUSB port) when available to ensure maximum charging efficiency for the battery. You can use this features as a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) for your projects!

The PowerBoost 1000 uses a TPS61090 boost converter from TI. This chip has some awesome features and specs which help make the PowerBoost 1000 so great. Take a look at the specs below.

Tech Specs:

  • Synchronous operation means you can disconnect the output completely by connecting the ENable pin to ground. This will completely turn off the output
  • 2A internal switch (~2.5A peak limiting) means you can get 1000mA+ from a 3.7V LiPoly/LiIon battery. Just make sure your battery can handle it!
  • Low battery indicator LED lights up red when the voltage dips below 3.2V, optimized for LiPo/LiIon battery usage
  • Onboard 1000mA charge-rate 'iOS' data resistors. Solder in the USB connector and you can plug in any iPad, iPhone or iPod for 1000mA charge rate.
  • Full breakout for battery in, control pins and power out
  • 90%+ operating efficiency in most cases (see datasheet for efficiency graphs), and low quiescent current: 5mA when enabled and power LED is on, 20uA when disabled (power and low batt LED are off)
  • 23mm x 45mm x 10mm
  • Weight: 6g

The PowerBoost 1000 is capable of charging at up to 1A, which means that when you're charging and using the USB output, you'll want to make sure you're using a USB supply which is capable of 2A to take into account the DC/DC conversion losses.

The PowerBoost comes assembled and ready to go, with a loose USB A jack. You can solder this on for the USB output, or use the two power pads for a terminal block output, or solder wires directly for an even more compact setup.

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Product Comments

Customer Reviews

  1. Review by Dylan verified purchaser

    straight forward to use (Posted on 3/05/2018)

  2. Review by Jorian verified purchaser

    Great service. top class telephonic support. Speedy delivery, only waited a day or two for delivery and the device works perfectly. (Posted on 3/04/2018)

  3. Review by Eric verified purchaser

    Love this charger! (Posted on 18/01/2018)

  4. Review by Eric verified purchaser

    Love this charger! (Posted on 18/01/2018)

  5. Review by Peter verified purchaser

    This little guy is a life saver. It packs all the punch that a small robotics project could need and has a really small footprint. The low battery indicator is a little sensitive when there is a large current draw but other than that it's well designed and very flexible. Makes using a LiPo battery a breeze. I would still recommend using a LiPo battery with built in under voltage protection built in. (Posted on 5/12/2017)

  6. Review by Kevin verified purchaser

    This is a great little charging unit that we marry with the Polymer Lithium Ion Battery. A simple change of a surface mounted resistor lowers the charging current to a comfortable level for the power supply. (Posted on 24/11/2017)

  7. Review by Piotr verified purchaser

    Really cool charging circuit, with low voltage warning pin, EN pin and many useful applications. Draws an actual 1A but heats up quite a lot during charging, a heatsink might be a good idea (Posted on 15/06/2017)

  8. Review by Kurt verified purchaser

    So easy to integrate in with my Rasperry Pi project I can now keep it running where ever I go and not worry about unclean shutdowns. (Posted on 9/06/2017)

  9. Review by John verified purchaser

    Great little board. Easy to wire up with a LiPo battery to power a Pi Zero W from either battery or USB, and seamlessly switching between the two. Plenty of documentation and example projects online for guidance. (Posted on 11/05/2017)

  10. Review by Luc verified purchaser

    This thing does what many USB power banks simply can't: supply a load and charge a battery at the same time, and seamlessly switch the load to battery power when the charger is disconnected. Why is this cool? It could be the basis of a UPS for a single board computer. Or a data logging project that needs to run even in a black out (say monitoring the temperature of a freezer). Or would be great for an automotive project that needs to cleanly shutdown after the ignition is cut off.
    Quick and efficient service. (Posted on 18/08/2016)

  11. Review by Thomas - Exceptional piece of gear verified purchaser

    Using this board in conjunction with a 2000mAh L-Ion battery and so far has worked exceptionally well.
    As described it takes heavy loads well, fixing any power issues I had from large loads dropping the voltage other supplies I've tried.

    When charging only (not under load while charging simultaneously) the board didn't get noticeably hot at all which is a plus.

    * Battery Connector is VERY tight which may be seen as a good thing. Needed pliers to get the battery plug out safely without risking pulling on the wires. (Posted on 9/08/2015)

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