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At Core Electronics, we are excited to be an official reseller of the BBC micro:bit, a creative and awesome device for making all sorts of cool creations from robots to musical instruments – the possibilities are endless. This little device is crammed full of features like LED lights, programmable buttons, motion detection and even Bluetooth connection to interact with other devices and the Internet – clever!

With Core Electronics we're all about providing awesome service to Educators and inventors alike, get in contact with us to talk shop today!

"BBC" and "micro:bit" are trademarks of the BBC.

The Micro:bit is a feature-packed development board that’s perfect for the classroom or the beginner programmer. Each Micro:bit has a built-in radio that can transmit and receive signals sent from other Micro:bits. The radio has a range of up t...
The Micro:bit by BBC is a great data collection tool, it just needs a little help remembering what it has measured! This tutorial is made for those Micro:bit projects where transmitting your sensor data over radio or Bluetooth to a computer just won&...
Check out our Getting started with micro:bit video if you'd like to see a quick tutorial on writing a program, start-to-finish, with a micro:bit. In a Nutshell The micro:bit is a versatile and classroom-friendly, programmable electronics b...

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