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Arduino Tinkerkit Braccio

SKU: CE00334

$430.00 AUD, inc GST
$390.91 AUD, exc GST
Arduino Tinkerkit Braccio

SKU: CE00334

$430.00 AUD, inc GST
$390.91 AUD, exc GST
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Venture into the world of robotic arms with the Braccio from Arduino! The arm comes complete with multiple configurations as seen below.

Braccio Setup Examples

The Braccio was made to be a versatile robotic arm that anyone with some Arduino know-how can pick up and use. You can use the jaws on the end of the arm to pick up anything less than 300 grams.

Some great applications of the Braccio that we have seen are:

  • Mounting a camera and use the Braccio to track objects 
  • Video conference tracking by holding your phone.
  • Solar panel holding and using the Braccio for Solar tracking

Braccio Various Uses

The Braccio is only sold as part of a kit that requires you to put it together prior to use!

There's a illustrated setup guide in the box, or you can download it here.

After assembly, you can download the Braccio libraries and examples here. There are a couple of alignment steps that will calibrate your Braccio's servo motors. The "TestBraccio90" sketch will position the Braccio in the verticle position shown below. If you run the sketch, and your Braccio doesn't look like the image below, you'll need to re-align the servos.

Braccio Setup Alignment

Download Braccio Quick Start Guide


A regulated 5 V DC @ 5000 mA power supply provided in the box, which is the recommended supply for powering the Braccio. The Braccio is powered via the TinkerKit shield, not via the Arduino power jack.

Physical Characteristics

  • Plastic Parts x 21
  • Screws x 63
  • Flat Washer x 16
  • Hexagon Nut x 7
  • Springs x 2
  • Servo Motors: 2 x SR 311, 4 x SR 431
  • Arduino compatible Shield x 1 
  • Power Supply 5V, 5A x 1
  • Phillips Screwdriver x 1
  • Double Hexagon Box Wrench x 1
  • Spiral Cable Protection Wrap x 1

Specifications of the fully assembled Braccio Kit

Braccio Specifications

Braccio Shield: The maximum length and width of the Braccio Shield PCB are 2.7 and 2.1 inches respectively, with the power jack extending beyond the former dimension. Four screw holes allow the board to be attached to a surface or case. Note that the distance between digital pins 7 and 8 is 160 mil (0.16"), not an even multiple of the 100 mil spacing of the other pins.

Servo Technical Specification

Braccio Servo Specifications

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Product Comments

Customer Reviews

  1. Review by JESUS verified purchaser

    Finally had the time to assemble this over the weekend. Works as expected. My only issue is that the servo motors are emitting a high-pitch noise. The noise does NOT happen as soon as you supply the 5V power, but it only happens AFTER moving the arm ( via the Braccio library ), even if it has reached its desired position ( e.g. not moving at all ).

    The servos are powered from the Braccio control board, and I'm supplying power directly to the Braccio control board via the supplied power adaptor.

    Looking at some of the videos on youtube with the Braccio, it seems like this is "normal" for these motors.

    Not sure yet what's causing the noise ( e.g. despite reaching the desired position, it is still working to keep itself in that position .. to counter its own weight.) (Posted on 25/09/2017)

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