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Advance Sensor Set for Arduino

SKU: KIT0011

$121.49 AUD, inc GST
Advance Sensor Set for Arduino
121.49 AUD

SKU: KIT0011

$121.49 AUD, inc GST
40 units ship in 3 to 5 days (delivered by Fri, 3rd of Mar)


If you want to start playing with sensors, this kit will be the perfect choice for you to get started. It comes with bundle of the most popular DFRobot sensors such as light, gas, sound, touch, accelerometer and lots more which gives unlimited possibility to sensor the physical world. 
The wiki for these sensors and devices makes it easy to start learning. So save by purchasing them together and start experimenting now!
  • Great for experimenting and learning
  • Useful for most projects
  • Bundle of the most popular sensors from DFRobot
To connect these sensors to Arduino, we suggest to use our  IO expansion shield V5  which has color coded pins that provides a much easier way to link sensors to microcontroller.
  • Light sensoring
  • Sound sensoring
  • Distance sensoring
  • Magnetic sensoring
  • Accelerometer sensoring
  • Vibration sensoring
  • Touch sensoring
  • Gas sensoring
Shipping List
  • x1 Relay Module V2 (DFR0017)
  • x1 Digital RED LED Light Module (DFR0021R)
  • x1 Digital White LED Light Module (DFR0021)
  • x1 Digital Green LED Light Module (DFR0021G)
  • x1 Digital Blue LED Light Module (DFR0021B)
  • x1 Analog Grayscale Sensor (DFR0022)
  • x1 LM35 Analog Linear Temperature Sensor (DFR0023)
  • x1 Analog Ambient Light Sensor (DFR0026)
  • x1 Digital Vibration Sensor (DFR0027)
  • x1 Digital Tilt Sensor (DFR0028)
  • x1 Digital Push Button (DFR0029)
  • x1 Capacitive Touch Sensor (DFR0030)
  • x1 Digital magnetic sensor (DFR0033)
  • x1 Analog Sound Sensor (DFR0034)
  • x1 Analog Carbon Monoxide Sensor (MQ7) (SEN0132)
  • x1 Analog Voltage Divider (DFR0051)
  • x1 Piezo Disk Vibration Sensor (DFR0052)
  • x1 Analog Rotation Sensor V2 (DFR0058)
  • x1 Joystick Module (DFR0061)
  • x1 Flame sensor (DFR0076)
  • x1 Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7361 (DFR0143)
  • x1 Digital Infrared motion sensor (SEN0018)
  • x1 Sharp GP2Y0A21 Distance Sensor (10-80cm) (SEN0014)
  • x1 Soil Moisture Sensor (SEN0114)

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