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For soldering SMD components, working with standard solder can be difficult. We recommend solder paste as it's perfect for SMD soldering techniques.

  1. Sn63 Pb37 Solder Paste 15g Syringe (SKU: H1640 Image 1) AH1640 Core Electronics Australia

    Lead Solder Paste - 15g Syringe

    SKU: AH1640
    NC254 has been developed to offer extremely broad process windows for printing, wetting and pin probe testing. The superior wetting ability of NC254 results in bright, smooth, shiny, solder joints. NC254 offers very low post process residues, which remain crystal clear and probable even at the elevated temperatures required for today's lead free alloys. NC254 has shown to reduce or eliminate voiding under micro-BGAs. NC254 also offers high humidity tolerance and a chemistry developed for use in air reflow. Slump and humidity tolerances found in NC254 extend the solder pastes useable life in facilities where environmental control is not at its optimum. 15g Syringe Features Broad Printing Process Window Reduces Voiding under Micro-BGAs 24 Hour Stencil Life Clear Pin-Probe Testable Residue 12-14 Hour Tack Time Excellent Wetting Learn More
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    Fri 22nd of Jun

    $11.95 AUD

  2. Maker Paste Lead-Free Prototyping Solder Paste ADA3217 Adafruit in Australia - Express Delivery Australia Wide

    Maker Paste Lead-Free Prototyping Solder Paste

    SKU: ADA3217
    Does your prototyping project require soldering? Are you looking for something other than your usual run-o'-the-mill solder wire? Look no further! This high quality, .. read more Learn More
    $12.95 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST
    $12.95 AUD
  3. Solder Paste - 50g (Lead Free) TOL-12878 Sparkfun Australia - Express Delivery Australia Wide

    Solder Paste - 50g (Lead Free)

    SKU: TOL-12878
    This is 50g of high quality, Lead-Free Solder Paste, the perfect amount to keep around for prototyping and hobby projects that require a bit of SMD soldering. Solder Paste Stenciling is the easiest and quickest way to solder some of the trickier SMD components. Here at SparkFun, we use solder paste stenciling on pretty much all of our boards. It saves us a lot of time. But stenciling takes more than just a stencil and a dream… you’re going to need some paste. Learn More
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    Tue 26th of Jun

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