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Teensy 3.2

SKU: DEV-13736

$37.50 AUD, inc GST
$34.09 AUD, exc GST

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Teensy 3.2
37.5 AUD

SKU: DEV-13736

$37.50 AUD, inc GST
$34.09 AUD, exc GST
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Introducing the Teensy 3.6, the newest member of the Teensy lineup from PJRC! If you're not familiar with Teensy, get ready to be blown away. 

Created by Paul Stoffregen and the team from PJRC, the Teensy 3.6 is a microcontroller development board running a 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 processor, which brings a 180MHz clock speed to the table, along with 1MB of flash, 4K of EEPROM, and 62 I/O pins. What makes Teensy special, however, is that along with being programmable directly in C, it also supports programming from the Arduino IDE. That's right, you get the power and flexibility of ARM processors, with the versatility that is Arduino IDE. Here's a quick look at some of the specs that the Teensy 3.6 packs in:


  • 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 72 MHz CPU (M4 = DSP extensions)
  • 256K Flash Memory, 64K RAM, 2K EEPROM
  • 21 High Resolution Analog Inputs (13 bits usable, 16 bit hardware)
  • 34 Digital I/O Pins (5V tolerance on Digital Inputs)
  • 12 PWM outputs
  • 7 Timers for intervals/delays, separate from PWM
  • USB with dedicated DMA memory transfers
  • 3 UARTs (serial ports)
  • SPI, I2C, I2S,CAN Bus, IR modulator
  • I2S (for high quality audio interface)
  • Real Time Clock (with user-added 32.768 crystal and battery)
  • 16 DMA channels (separate from USB)
  • Touch Sensor Inputs


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  • If you’re a musician or have had anything to do with the entertainment industry, you may have heard of the term MIDI before. MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and was created in the mid-80’s as a way to standardize the ...
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Customer Reviews

  1. Review by Simon verified purchaser

    If these boards had a built-in CAN transceiver they'd be perfect for my needs, plenty of Analog and Digital I/O ports, 3 serial ports and enough grunt and memory to do everything you need in a tiny package.
    (an MCP2551 and 2 resistors solves the CAN transceiver gripe) (Posted on 28/09/2017)

  2. Review by btron - WOW... so small... verified purchaser

    WOW... so small... The USB plug is smooth is easy to use. I dont feel like im going to snap it off the board when i remove the cord. :D
    The down side for me is i would have liked a hole somewhere on the board so it could mount to a project that is not using a pins and a breadboard. and the reset button is going to be hard to press. It should have been at the other end of the board. (Posted on 8/07/2016)

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