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SparkFun Inventors Kit - v4.0

SKU: KIT-14265

$124.95 AUD, inc GST
$113.59 AUD, exc GST

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SparkFun Inventors Kit - v4.0
124.95 AUD

SKU: KIT-14265

$124.95 AUD, inc GST
$113.59 AUD, exc GST
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The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit (SIK) is the best way to get started with Arduino! It bundles together a Sparkfun RedBoard, a case full of popular electronic components, as well as a fun, easy-to-follow project book. You don't need any experience to get started with the SIK and each project you complete adds to your skill set. The final project which is a fully autonomous robot is something you can really show off to your other maker friends. Instant envy!

The project book is a full-colour, spiral bound course in Arduino which includes detailed instructions, wiring diagrams, coding examples, and info about each component. It also explains the fundamental electronics and programming concepts at the heart of every project using easy-to-understand language and terms.

Best of all, the kit doesn't require soldering or prior skills and is recommended for anyone aged 10 and over. The Sparkfun Inventors Kit v4.0 builds on the community feedback and experience of previous versions but introduces an increased focus on robotics and autonomy. Rather than grinding through each component and introducing difficult concepts, each new piece of gear is weaved into the experience of a fun project which creates a rewarding learning experience.

Far from being a standalone kit, the SIK is perfect for someone getting started with electronics or looking to add to their workbench. You can combine it with other kits and components, creating a unique introduction to electronics. If you want to take your Inventor's Kit to the next level, Sparkfun have released the SIK Add-On Pack v4.0 which includes all of the components from the v3 kit (plus some extra ones) to provide the ultimate prototyping experience.

Get Started With the SparkFun Inventor's Kit v4.0 Experiment Guide


  • SparkFun RedBoard
  • Arduino and Breadboard Holder
  • SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Guidebook
  • White Solderless Breadboard
  • Carrying Case
  • SparkFun Mini Screwdriver
  • 16x2 White-on-Black LCD (with headers)
  • SparkFun Motor Driver (with Headers)
  • Pair of Rubber Wheels
  • Pair of Hobby Gearmotors
  • Small Servo
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • TMP36 Temp Sensor
  • 6' SparkFun USB Cable
  • Jumper Wires
  • Photocell
  • Tricolor LED
  • Red, Blue, Yellow and Green LEDs
  • Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Tactile Buttons
  • 10K Trimpot
  • Mini Power Switch
  • Piezo Speaker
  • AA Battery Holder
  • 330 and 10K Resistors
  • Binder Clip
  • Dual-Lock™ Fastener


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Customer Reviews

  1. Review by Chris verified purchaser

    A great kit with an excellent book that is very educational as well as showing how to make a range of useful projects. (Posted on 24/01/2018)

  2. Review by Jodi verified purchaser

    This was a Christmas presnt for my daughter and she has ben having a ball with it. Thanks! (Posted on 22/01/2018)

  3. Review by Greg verified purchaser

    This kit comes with a very comprehensive instruction manual, I'm sure my grandson will have hours of fun tinkering with it, and stretching his imagination. (Posted on 28/12/2017)

  4. Review by David verified purchaser

    A GREAT! little kit. Well packaged and the project book is well written. (Posted on 8/12/2017)

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