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My son is turning 1 and I wanted to setup a retro gaming station for him to learn to game through the ages. I went with RetroPie as it is well documented and supports a range of emulators - and it's easy to setup.

Project Description

My RetroPie Gaming Kit from Core Electronics turned up during the week (was great delivery time, no hassles).

First thing first, had to get it all out. The kit includes:


I was at work when it arrived, during the day my wife put together the storage cabinets and made some Pac-Man themed shelving. The plan is to have this wall mounted.

I got out all of the old consoles for display and unpacked the RetroPie. Sam from Core Electronics put together a tutorial for setting up RetroPie.

RetroPie Shelving

Picked up the 40" Television and was planning to wait for the wall-mount to arrive however I got impatient and had to boot it up. Setup the controller with the unit, copied over the ROM structure and got straight into some retro games.

RetroPie Booted


RetroPie Alex Kidd

You can see all of the photos on the IMGUR link: http://imgur.com/a/TX2pn

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