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Particle Photon (No Headers)

SKU: CE00280

$34.99 AUD, inc GST
$31.81 AUD, exc GST

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Particle Photon (No Headers)
34.99 AUD

SKU: CE00280

$34.99 AUD, inc GST
$31.81 AUD, exc GST
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So what makes the Photon so amazing? Let's look at some of the tech specs which are packed into this byte sized board:

  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Broadcom MCB43362 Wi-Fi controller
  • STM32F205 ARM Cortex M3 processor
  • 120Mhz clock speed
  • 1MB flash memory
  • 128KB RAM
  • 18 GPIO pins
  • UART, JTAG, I2C, SPI, ADC, DAC, CAN and USB hardware peripherals
  • 3.3V operating voltage

This Photon comes without males headers so you can solder your own, solder it to a breakout board using the SMD pads on the side. For a full list of the Photon's capabilities and functions, check out the Photon with headers page. For awesome project ideas for your Photon, check out our Projects and Tutorials.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Review by Matthew verified purchaser

    Small, Blue, Powerful - no this is not a review for a brand of pain killer, it's the Particle Photon!

    After investing in a Rpi Zero W to control my A/C with home automation (via IR) i realised that the LIRC drivers would not allow me to "bit bash" the IR code on the fly - meaning programming wise i would have to "capture" every single combination of possible control outcomes of the remote, and use a lookup table to choose the applicable outcome.... this is a very backwards way of programming.... anyway, i digress - back to the Photon.

    After finding an Arduino library which does exactly what i wanted in terms of IR control (HeatpumpIR) i promptly ordered the Particle Photon for 3 reasons.
    1) It is TINY! this thing is smaller then the RPI Zero W, like half the size and it fit much better behind all the covers in the split system A/C
    2) built in WIFI chip - no extra "shields" required, this also helped reduce the size which was a key requirement.
    3) OTA programming updates - the ability to make modifications to the code OTA without plugging in any cables means i never have to fish it out of the A/C when i discover a bug or need to add future functionality.

    The Photon IDE is a great tool, and compatible with most Arduino codes / libraries already - but it does have a few little extras allowing "cloud based" API and calls.

    The only downside i see, is that even if you use the "desktop IDE" it still compiles / verifies your code on "The Cloud" - this seems to take longer than a standard compiler on the PC which is a little frustrating at times however the up side is if there are any changes / depreciation to the compiler, then the end user knows before they discover something broken due to an out of date revision. (Posted on 5/12/2017)

  2. Review by Chris verified purchaser

    A little fiddly. I originally wanted these because I thought it would be easier for permanent projects to just solder them. But I now I just find it easier to use the "with headers" model. (Posted on 4/04/2017)

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