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LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder Tool Head v2

SKU: CE04393

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LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder Tool Head v2
575.0000 AUD

SKU: CE04393

Regular Price: $725.00

Special Price $575.00 AUD, inc GST

$659.09 AUD, exc GST
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Open your mind to the world of multi-coloured/multi-property prints with the Lulzbot® TAZ Dual Extruder Tool Head v2! This accessory is an upgradeable tool head from Lulzbot, recommended for advanced users. It enables multi-coloured and multi-material 3D prints although it does require some calibration. Use either of the two hot ends to 3D print objects that wouldn’t normally be possible. You’ll be able to print with popular support materials, like HIPS or water-soluble PVA and in doing so print crazy & complex models that weren’t possible previously.

Installation of this tool head is straightforward on the Lulzbot TAZ 6Lulzbot TAZ 5

See the detailed installation on a Taz 5.

See the detailed installation on a Taz 6.

Visit the Lulzbot Forums for more information or support with your dual extruder!


The new Lulzbot TAZ® Dual Extruder Tool Head v2 includes two of the popular Lulzbot® Hexagon Hot Ends. The hot end has an all-metal construction, raising the maximum extrusion temperature to 300°C thereby allowing you to print with a wider range of specialty 3D printing filaments.

An additional upgrade from the Dual-Extruder v1 is the aluminum extruder mounting plate for easier setup and a more reliable experience, print after print.

Using the second extruder for HIPS or PVA support material will make any print a breeze. After printing your object with HIPS support material, simply pull it away to reveal your part. For more complex parts, or for objects with hard to reach internally supported areas, use water-soluble PVA filament. Once 3D printed, soak the object and wash away the support material.

Multi-coloured prints are also an option with this tool head, the 2 extruders can be used to print 2 of the same filament (in different colors), it really opens the door on some awesome looking prints.

Parts Included

Lulzbot® TAZ Dual Extruder Tool Head v2 (Fully Assembled)

Wade's Accessible Extruder

Lulzbot® TAZ Extruder Mount


Required filament diameter: 3mm

Hot end temperature range: 120°C - 300°C

Nozzle diameters: 0.5mm

Required power system: 24v

Fans: Heat sink and nozzle fans included


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  1. Review by Stephanie verified purchaser

    Great product, works straight out of the box and dual extrudes beautifully. PLA works best for me with an extra fan for some more cooling. Excited to make more things with this! (Posted on 1/12/2017)

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