Soldering Station Showdown! Hakko FX-888D vs Weller WE1010 Digital

Updated 16 February 2023

A soldering station is a multipurpose power soldering device designed for electronic components soldering and they find homes on any modern makers desk. They also are widely used in electronics repair workshops, electronic laboratories, in industry, for household applications and for hobbies. Two such great soldering stations are the Hakko FX-888D and the Weller WE1010 Digital. 

Now, at Core Electronic we have many great tutorials regarding soldering to get you right up to speed. Soldering 101 and How to Choose a Soldering Iron are both excellent starting locations. This later tutorial includes an in-depth analysis on the Hakko FX-888D soldering station. The other big player in the soldering station game is the Weller WE1010 Digital. Both are truly stand out soldering station perfect for your maker benchtop. But how exactly do they differ from each other? This tutorial will explain all. Contents for this tutorial can be seen below.

Now worth realising, both the Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station and the Weller WE1010 Digital Soldering Station are both excellent products. They are perfect for most soldering situations done here in Australia. Also for all things soldering look no further than Core Electronics Soldering GearWe have soldering equipment that is trusted by the maker and professional community which is priced to make its way to anyone's workbench. Soldering irons, solders, pastes, de-soldering tools and more available.

As always if you have any questions, queries or things to add please let us know your thoughts!  

Hakko Fx-888D vs Weller WE1010 Comparison Table

Below is a table comparing both soldering stations. It lays out all the features and highlights the differences between the two models. A quick take away is that one is designed by the Germans and the other by the Japanese. So, let us commence this 1v1 showdown.

Table comparing soldering stations! 1v1 Showdown

Conclusion Comparison

The Hakko Aesthics vs the Welller Style
The ultimate decision on which device you go for really depends on your personal preference. Both are fantastic high-quality soldering stations with features you would normally only find in much more expensive set-ups. When it comes to actual soldering jobs, they both perform very similarly to each other. The Weller WE1010 Digital offers greater ergonomics when it comes to interface controls and the soldering pencil. The Hakko FX-888D takes up less footprint on your desk and is a studier package. The stand of the Hakko station is also significantly better. However, the ability to remove the hot soldering tip without tools, as you can see in the exploded view below, is a big plus to Weller WE1010 Digital station. Style is also a big factor in the final decision and the Hakko can be very polarising in that regard as you can see adjacent.

No matter the choice you make you will be receiving a state-of-the-art soldering station that will put you in good stead for many years to come.

Weller Tool-less Changing Tip


The datasheets for both soldering station products can be found below. This includes both manuals for the Hakko FX-888D and the Weller WE1010 Digital Station respectively.

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