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Whether it's your favourite notebook or a general quick reference guide, sometimes a physical book can be just what you need.

  1. Project Notebook (Black) DWG0001-B DFRobot Australia - Express Post Australia Wide

    Project Notebook (Black)

    SKU: DWG0001-B
    | Brand: DFRobot
    This is a DFRobot electronic project notebook. We have been using this for a long time and now it has become a necessity for all DFRobot engineers. Learn More
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    AUD, inc GST
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    Tue 26th of Feb

    $3.72 AUD

  2. Building Open Source Hardware BOK-13220 Sparkfun Australia - Express Delivery Australia Wide

    Building Open Source Hardware

    SKU: BOK-13220
    | Brand: Sparkfun
    This is the first hands-on guide to the entire process of designing and manufacturing open source hardware. Drawing on extensive personal experience with DIY, maker, and hardware hacking projects, industry-leading contributors share proven approaches to design, fabrication, manufacturing, troubleshooting, licensing, documentation, and running an open source hardware business. Learn More
    $62.62 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST
    $62.62 AUD

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