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Optimising energy usage is vital for a successful electronics project, particularly in IoT where projects can need to run for months or years in remote locations.

Qoitech is a team of hardware, software and systems engineers who provide intuitive and affordable power supply and monitoring solutions for embedded, IOT, and hardware design projects. Their solutions are currently being used to optimise power usage for embedded and electronic projects in over 30 Countries.

They provide solutions that allow you to power your projects while monitoring and storing data on the energy usage of the device. With their suite of tools, it is easy to measure the effects of hardware and software changes on the amount of power your project is using.

The Otii Arc acts as a power supply and measurement tool that can provide up to 5V and can read Current and voltages at up to four thousand samples per second with a measurement range of between 1uA and 5A. The Otii Arc also offers tools that will allow you to simulate and monitor the charge and discharge of the batteries you wish to use in your project.

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  • Qoitech Otii Arc CE06170

    Qoitech Otii Arc

    SKU: CE06170
    | Brand: Qoitech
    The Otii Arc by Qoitech is the ultimate tool for developing low power IoT devices, It is a combined voltage supply and power monitoring system with software that allows for detailed analysis. A must-have for any IoT developer who wants to get the most out of their batteries.
    $929.50 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST

    $929.50 AUD

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