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Metas Innobits

Note - we have retired all Metas Innobits products and recommend littleBits for any future buyers. We've experienced firsthand some quality issues with Innobits and in the interests of keeping learning experiences wonderful you should consider buying littleBits instead.

METAS are a team of innovative IOT and STEM thought leaders located in China. It's no surprise that they are the powerhouse behind Innobits, and we're proud to offer their range of products right here in Australia!

Just in case you've missed the hype; Innobits are pretty much like Littlebits, however, are more affordable and compatible with LEGO®! Meta's range of Innobits will open up a whole creative world of projects with your LEGO® gear and there are bulk Innobits packs to ensure you've got one (or two) of everything.

If you are an educator then we recommend you checkout products such as the Advanced DIY Kit. It includes 24 Innobit modules and designed to kick-start STEM learning process for young curious minds.



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