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We’ve got the full range of Anki robots and accessories available in Australia. Anki robots aim to help people around the world build better relationships with robotics and technology with lifelike, intelligent robot design and products.

These aren’t your standard block-based educational robots either.

These are fun, life-like robots with a cheeky charm. Leveraging a team of roboticists, film animators, engineers, and game developers, the team at Anki have produced a range of robots that really blow us away.

Anki robots are so much more than line-following, distance sensing robots that you’ve seen in the past.

They’re loaded with a fully-fledged personality that senses and reacts to you and the environment. In fact, these robots remind us of the curious, exciting robots that you might’ve seen in mainstream media, like Wall-E.

Some of the impressive features we’ve seen in these handy little robots are:

  • AI assistant technology – Ask for word definitions, unit conversions, nutrition information and other things you’d ask Google. These robots can hear you, and answer you! So cool!
  • Live Weather information – Ask what the weather will be like today and get a real-time answer from online weather services.
  • Set timers and alarms – Ask your robot helper to set you a timer or an alarm and it’ll do just that.
  • Take photos – Ask your robot to take a snapshot of you and he’ll find where you are and take a snap!

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in educational and fun robots, Anki is the way to go!

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