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Videos / Raspberry Pi Workshop - Chapter 2 - Overview

The full Raspberry Pi Workshop in step-by-step format can be found here http://coreelec.io/piworkshop

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Welcome back to the lab and welcome back to Chapter 2 of our Raspberry Pi For Beginners Workshop. In this chapter we’ll introduce the Python programming language and cover a little bit of electronics and by the end of this chapter we’ll have wired our Raspberry Pi up to a button and some LEDs and behind the scenes the Python script will be reacting to our inputs and generating outputs.

To reach this end we’ll cover the basics of Python, what it is and how to use variable to declare our own functions to organise our code and import Python packages to give our code more functionality

We’ll even touch on using hats which are pluggable modules that you can connect you your Raspberry Pi which give you access to a bunch of hardware to play with so lets get started :-)