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Videos / How to Install Addons to Kodi Media Center (Krypton)

Aidan dives into the process for installing addons for Kodi (Krypton version) as a few things have changed.

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Hi, I'm Aidan for Core Electronics and today we're going to be using one of our openelec Raspberry Pi kits to set up add-ons on our Kodi Media Center. So I have the Raspberry Pi plugged in and ready to go with a fresh installation of the openelec media center, we're going to jump over to the PI now and take a look at how this all works.

Okay guys so the first thing we need to do is just get through the Welcome wizard with our Raspberry Pi you can pretty much, next your way through the entire thing, unless of course you were wanting to install a wireless network there where you would fill out those details and keep going through all right so we're just this is the home screen and as you can see on the left you've got all these different options for the different types of media you want to consume but we are not looking at those yet. We're going to go straight up to the top section and just use the up arrow to get into the top three options, and go across to settings and enter the settings menu. Now the first step that we need to do is just enable our openelec to have unknown sources for the add-on repositories, so we go down to the bottom option here change our layout to an expert layout, go across by pressing enter we can change that over to expert and we go back up to our add-ons, here, jump across and we can go down to the unknown sources button. Pressing enter will just bring up this screen we're going to say yes we do want to have that once we've done that we can back out to the settings options and go across to the file manager.

Now we're going to install the repo we're just going to be using super repo which is one of the most popular one's today so go ahead and click the add source button, so we're going to be adding our source straight into here, like I said that's for the super repo which is just a free Repo that you can grab enter that URL into here and press ok which is what you need to do so now it knows where it's getting it from and we're just going to name it SuperRepo just so we know that's the one that we want. Once you've named it to go down to the ok button and select enter, so now we've got that source in there, all we need to do now is navigate back and you install the repo from that file or that file source. So we scroll down to our add-ons button press enter got the top here and we're going to be installing a file go into this option and download we've got the install from zip file option there, so click on that one, now you'll notice in the sources menu we've actually got super repo which we named earlier, so we go and select that option, go through, we're actually using the Krypton version of Kodi which is version 17 the Jarvis, Isengard and helix versions were all previous versions of Kodi. So we will jump into Krypton for the most part most users will just go straight into all section unless you have some reason not to just go straight into all and there will be one file there to that on there and that's the zip file we're going to be installing essentially our library of add-ons or all their sources from. So we click that and now we can wait for it to go ahead and install it in the background you can see it's just popped up that the add-on has been installed we can now go to any of our add-on menus to install the actual add-ons, so go in here, go down some video add-ons nothing there it's good so this is a fresh install so there would be no add-ons present.

So now if we wanting to install an add-on from the repository with just added we can just go into the add-ons menu here we can scroll across at the top and go to install from repository, you get a super repo, which is the one we've just installed and now we have a big old list of all the different add-ons that are included in that one so we're going to go to video addons first up and just see what we've got this is easy as installing add-ons you just go in. We'll go in there so if we go ahead and install that one this is going to link to the 9movies.to website which is just a free movie website we go ahead and wait for that one to install so it's downloading there on the side. There we go, so Mucky Ducks repo. So it's now going through and installing all the different parts of that add-on, I've just been given the 9movies add-on installed notification and now we can see they're under video add-ons, I've got 9movies and I can now open that one up and do all the different videos under there.

So that's the quick and easy way of getting atoms onto your Kodi Media Center it's a great way to really do such a set up you go from having only local files to having all sorts of things like YouTube, Twitch.tv, if you were like watching video game streams or something like that Spotify is another one that you can get on your Kodi media center it's a really wide range of different add-ons you can grab and there's also multiple repos, that include all different sources all around the world so thanks for watching guys I hope that you've learned how to install your addons on Kodi Media Center and if you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment or shoot us a message and we'll get back to you.