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WS2812 / NeoPixel Addressable LEDs: Pycom Quickstart Guide

Sometimes all a good Pycom project needs is some colourful lights! This tutorial demonstrates how to control WS2812 LEDs with the Pycom Wipy and Lopy4. WS2812 or WS2812B LEDs (otherwise known as NeoPixels) are the most commonly used RGB LEDs on ...

Tags: animations led library lopy4 neopixel pycom wipy ws2812 ws2812b

7 Feb 2019

Temperature Sensing with the TMP36 and Pycom

The TMP36 is a low cost, easy to use sensor that fits well with any project. With the TMP36, adding temperature sensing to your Pycom project is easy! In this tutorial, we will use the Pycom Lopy4, and send our measured data to The Things Network via...

Tags: lopy4 pycom sensing temperature the things network tmp36 ttn

13 Dec 2018

Light Sensing with an LDR and Pycom

One of the simplest sensors in any makers toolkit is a light sensor or LDR. An LDR works by changing its resistance from 1k ohm to 10K ohm depending on how much light is striking it. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use one with a Pycom Lopy...

Tags: ldr light lopy4 lora pycom sensing the things network ttn

13 Dec 2018

Ultrasonic Sensing with Pycom

One of the most common sensors in any makers toolbox is the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Rangefinder. They are an easy to use solution for detecting the proximity of objects up to 6m away! They work best in the 1-2 meter range though. In this tutorial, we will...

Tags: distance hcsro4 lopy4 lora lorawan micropython pycom rangefinder sro4 ultrasonic

12 Dec 2018

Send a Downlink from Adafruit.io via The Things Network

Any good LoRaWAN device can send data up to the cloud, but now its time to send data back down to the device. TTN Fair Access Policy limits the data each device can send. A TTN device can use 30 seconds of uplink time per day, per device. At most, yo...

Tags: adafruit.io dashboard downlink http ifttt integration iot lopy lopy4 lora lorawan pioneer pioneers pycom the things network ttn uplink

14 Nov 2018

The Things Network, IFTTT, and BEYOND!

Connecting your Pycom Lopy4 or another LoRaWAN device to The Things Network is the first step toward fully realized IoT fun! You’ve connected your device to TTN, you’ve decoded your payloads and now you can see all that data right there i...

Tags: adafruit adafruit.io ifttt iot lopy lopy4 lora lorawan pioneer pioneers platform pycom the things network ttn

11 Oct 2018

Encoding and Decoding Payloads on The Things Network

Sending data to the cloud is great! You’ve followed our Getting Started on The Things Network Tutorial and you have data streaming out of your Pycom Lopy4 and into your TTN account. There is just one problem, it’s all bytes! How do we get...

Tags: bytes decode encode iot lopy lopy4 lora lorawan payload pycom the things network things network ttn wireless

10 Oct 2018

Getting Started on The Things Network

Since you’ve got your new Pioneers Platform for Pycom assembled, with a Lopy4, Expansion Board, and Lora Antenna, let's start sending data to the cloud! The Things Network is a great free service that collects data transmitted over LoRaWAN. The...

Tags: cloud lopy4 lorawan pioneers pioneers kit pioneers platform pycom pycom kit the things network things network ttn

5 Oct 2018

Pycom FiPy Getting Started

Say you want to build a sun-tracking solar panel. You could add a tiny computer, like an Arduino, to control it. That might be all you need. But what if you need to connect to it to control it from somewhere else? Connecting it into your home Wi-Fi w...

Tags: bluetooth cat-m1 cellular lte fipy lora lorawan nb-iot pycom sigfox wifi

10 Jul 2018

Pycom FiPy Overview

This is the Big Daddy of the Pycom range of devices. The Pycom FiPy has all these connection capabilities (with one tiny caveat): Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 16Mbps LoRa (all regions, not 433MHz) Sigfox Cellular LTE (Cat-M1/NB-IoT) Bluetooth Low Energy ...

Tags: bluetooth cat-m1 cellular fipy lora lorawan lte nb-iot pycom sigfox wifi

9 Jul 2018

IoT with LoRaWAN, Pycom, The Things Network & Node-RED

In our two previous Pycom articles we covered Building a LoRaWAN Nano Gateway to The Things Network, and creating Your First LoRaWAN Node on The Things Network. In these articles we used the mighty powerful Pycom LoPy (part of the Pycom range) to bui...

Tags: fipy lopy lora lorawan node-red pycom the things network ttn

6 Jul 2018

Your First LoRaWAN Node on The Things Network

In the lasts article we looked at Building a LoRaWAN Nano Gateway to The Things Network. There wasn't a lot to do there. We put together the Pycom hardware, configured The Things Network to see our Pycom device as a Gateway, then we took code supplie...

Tags: fipy internet of things lopy lora lorawan pycom the things network

12 Jun 2018

Building a LoRaWAN Nano Gateway to The Things Network

warning: this is a "nano" gateway and not intended for long-term use on the TTN. It's a just-for-fun tutorial that we wanted to explore and share how things went, but there are gotchas. This gateway will only operate on 3-channels. Also, nodes (remot...

Tags: fipy lopy lora lorawan pycom the things network ttn

11 Jun 2018

Pycom GPy & FiPy Cellular LTE Firmware Update

There are three levels of firmware upgrades that are required on Pycom gear. First, performing an upgrade on the firmware of any of the Pycom microcontrollers is a simple affair. Download the Pycom Firmware Update application as linked in the documen...

Tags: cat m1 cat nb1 emtc fipy gpy nb-iot pycom sequans monarch sqn3330

31 May 2018

Pycom GPy Getting Started

The main thing I want you to get out of this project is this: upon completion you will have cellular data connected to your Internet of Things device! LoRa, Sigfox, Bluetooth and WiFi can't compete with cellular data for coverage, speed and...

Tags: cat-m1 cellular expansion board 3.0 fipy gpy iot lte pycom

28 May 2018

How to Build Internet-Connected Electronics Projects

What do we mean when we talk about the "Internet of Things"? Mostly we're talking about tiny computers that have access to the internet and do some useful work. Unlike the computers we're used to holding in our hands, they don't have a touchscreen an...

Tags: expansion board internet of things iot micropython pycom wipy workshop

17 May 2018

Pycom GPy Overview

School zone sign There are lots of maker and Internet of Things (IoT) projects that need a high quality mobile Internet connection. While technologies like Sigfox and LoRa are going to be a big part of our future, in a lot of places cellular data i...

Tags: cellular gpy iot lte pycom sim

11 May 2018

Pycom Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a low-power radio technology used to link devices wirelessly. Most commonly recognised as the way to link a mobile phone to a car or speaker, it has many uses beyond that. The "low power" aspect is not a shortcoming, as a large proportio...

Tags: bluetooth pycom

30 Apr 2018

Pycom LoPy Overview

The two main standards at work in the low-power long-range radio game are LoRa and Sigfox. I discussed Sigfox in the Pycom SiPy Overview so I won't do that again here. The Pycom LoPy is the device that adds LoRa technology to the basic features seen ...

Tags: lopy lopy1 lopy4 micropython pycom

26 Apr 2018

Pycom Pysense Getting Started Guide

The Pysense expansion board from Pycom has many sensors. In Pycom Pytrack Getting Started, I showed how with some Processing code we can see the real-time position of the board in 3D. That project works with the Pysense too. How about we show a real-...

Tags: micropython pycom pysense

20 Apr 2018

Pycom Pytrack Getting Started

In this getting started guide we’ll use the Pytrack from Pycom to detect our location on Earth using the onboard GPS module and use the accelerometer to control a 3D model on the PC. I put a WiPy onto my Pytrack, connected it to the PC and...

Tags: accelerometer getting started gps pycom pytrack

5 Apr 2018

Pycom Pysense & Pytrack: How to Update Firmware

UPDATE: This documentation now also applies to Pyscan and Expansion Board 3.0 Pysense and Pytrack boards have a “firmware update mode”. Unlike the Pycom microcontrollers you don’t add a jumper to the board to access this mod...

Tags: firmware procedure pycom pysense pytrack

5 Apr 2018

Pycom SiPy Overview

If there’s an odd one in the Pycom family of microprocessor boards it’s this one, the SiPy. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just that its sister board the LoPy4 has the same capabilities as SiPy, plus a LoRa radio, fo...

Tags: iot micropython pycom sigfox sipy

27 Mar 2018

Pycom Pytrack Overview

Yes! The Pytrack is the Pycom board to get if you’re after a GNSS! A what? Yeah, we're used to calling them GPSes too. But global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) belong to different countries, GPS is just the US one. GLONASS is the Russian ...

Tags: micropython pycom pytrack

27 Mar 2018

Pycom Pysense Overview

The table below makes comparison of Pycom expansion boards easy. Pysense gets its name from having a good array of sensors. They are: 3-axis accelerometer with 12-bit precision ambient light temperature and humidity barometric pressure Unlik...

Tags: micropython pycom pysense

27 Mar 2018

Pycom Expansion Board - Getting Started

Where do I start? If you’re new to programming Python is a great place to start! I’ve seen Python taught to primary school age children and I have used Python in a Machine Intelligence course at university. It’s no wonder Pycom was...

Tags: expansion board 2.0 getting started internet of things micropython pycom

20 Mar 2018

Pycom Expansion Board 2.0 Overview

It would be good to have some understanding of Pycom microcontroller boards before reading this article. We won’t go into what capabilities each microcontroller board has. If you’d like an introduction, try our Pycom WiPy Overview. The P...

Tags: expansion board 2.0 ftdi micro sd pycom usb

13 Mar 2018

Internet of Things with Pycom and Adafruit IO - From Zero to Hero

Introduction We’re going from zero to hero. Starting from nothing we’ll get a WiPy communicating with Adafruit IO, an IoT service out on the Internet. We’ll be able to send data from the device to the cloud and control the device f...

Tags: adafruit io internet of things iot pycom wipi

12 Mar 2018

Pycom WiPy Overview

The Internet of Things(IoT) and its devices have been utilised by ‘DIYers’ and ‘Makers’ to connect projects to the internet and take advantage of the worldwide network we have created. Some might say a sentence with “sop...

Tags: beginner overview pycom wipy

5 Mar 2018