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How To Make and Crimp Custom Connectors

The wires in our circuits are often forgotten when we are planning our next big project, but the right connectors will a make your project look more professional and a lot easier to work with! In this tutorial, we are going to have a quick look at th...

Tags: crimping jst pins prototyping

31 Aug 2018

Tweezers for Every Task

In case you haven’t noticed, when dealing with electronics, you’ll be picking lots of small things up, and it only gets harder when dealing with tiny SMD components. But whatever you’re working on, be it a breadboard prototype, or s...

Tags: esd probes static tweezers

3 Jan 2017

How to use Solar LiPO Chargers

Every day, Solar energy bombards Earth with about 173,000 terawatts of power. That's close to the yearly electricity bill for Planet Earth. Solar energy is free power from the stars. So the question stands, why aren't we using it more? Price and spac...

Tags: battery charging lipo charger power solar

9 Dec 2016

Powerboost your LiPo Batteries

We're going to pick up where the LiPo Battery tutorial left off and look closer at the Adafruit Powerboost modules for charging your LiPos. We talked about the rules of using these batteries and how to make sure you don't set your project a light whe...

Tags: battery lipo portable powerboost powering

24 Nov 2016

How to Use Breadboards

Hello makers, if you love to prototype circuits and create electronic designs, then you’ll be familiar with the humble solderless breadboard. It’s where most electronic projects begin and is a familiar sight for tinkerers and inventors. H...

Tags: breadboard prototyping

21 Nov 2016

Benchtop Helping Hands

How does your workspace look? Could it be tidier? I know that mine always could be, but with the daily addition of different tools, components, boards and general tech, it can be hard to keep on top of it all. Then when it comes to working on a circu...

Tags: helping-hand hobby creek panavise third-hand vice

17 Nov 2016

What is a JST Connector?

JST is a standard of electrical connection used widely across a spectrum of electrical applications. It's defined as a Japanese Solderless Terminal and is manufactured by a company of the same name. The JST range includes a variety of families of con...

Tags: crimp jst solderless tools

16 Nov 2016

Our recommendation on Breadboard Power Supplies

So, you’re looking for the right way to power your breadboard? You’ve found that your Arduino Uno just doesn’t quite have the juice to power up your circuit. It's likely that the microcontroller can output around 400mA when using th...

Tags: 3.3v 5v breadboard power supply

3 Nov 2016

Soldering 101

Imagine being a builder without a hammer, or a car without a brake, this is kind of useful, but nowhere near as useful as it could be. This is like being a maker/DIY’er/enthusiast without being able to solder. Sure you can breadboard your desig...

Tags: iron prototyping soldering

2 Nov 2016

Choosing a Soldering Iron

Hello, and welcome to our tutorial where we’ll be looking at two different types of soldering irons and which one is going to be best for your workshop. We’ll be specifically looking at soldering irons, not how to solder, so for more info...

Tags: hakko iron soldering

2 Nov 2016

Prototyping a Circuit: Methods and Tools

Ah prototyping, the backbone of maker electronics, well really all electronics. Any successful device, product, or idea doesn’t just appear as a finished concept, it goes through stages of product and one of those is prototyping. In fact, for m...

Tags: perfboard proto prototyping stripboard

24 Oct 2016