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Writing Code Onto MicroPython Boards

You have your shiny new MicroPython or Circuit Python board and you have Installed the Firmware and connected to REPL, but now you want to put your code onto the board. To do this we need to send the files over serial. Luckily Adafruit has made a too...

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6 Feb 2019

Flash MicroPython Onto An ESP32

The ESP32 family of microcontrollers are incredibly powerful (2 Cores on a Microcontroller!) and when combined with the awesome writability of MicroPython can be used for all kinds of projects. The ESP32 generally does not come with MicroPython flas...

Tags: esp32 firmware micropython software update update esp32

29 Jan 2019

MicroPython for Micro:bit Workshop

Welcome to the MicroPython for micro:bit workshop! This workshop is aimed at makers who want to start programming with MicroPython, we will be using the micro:bit as it is very easy to use so we can cover the important concepts that will apply to the...

Tags: microbit micropython python

21 Jan 2019

How to Debug MicroPython Code

When you are working on microcontrollers it can be very difficult to know what your code is doing, with MicroPython we can use REPL (Read Evaluate Print Loop) to see the debug output and run python commands in real time. This tutorial will be lo...

Tags: esp32 microbit micropython pycom

17 Jan 2019

MicroPython Primer for Makers - What is MicroPython?

This Tutorial is all about the MicroPython Programming Language. We will discuss what MicroPython is, why you will want to use it in your projects and we will share some resources to help you learn further! What is MicroPython? MicroPython is an ...

Tags: circuitpython micropython python repl

18 Oct 2018

Python Quick Reference

Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world! To help you master this language we have made a quick reference guide and are going to cover a few of the basics things to be aware of when starting out with python. This guide...

Tags: cheat sheet poster python

11 Oct 2018