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Laser Cut High Rise Case for the Arduino Uno

If you put a shield on top of an Arduino Uno there aren’t very many options available to protect it all inside a case. You can always make one yourself though, so that’s exactly what we did! This “High Rise” case for the Ardui...

Tags: arduino arduino case arduino uno high rise highrise laser laser cut shield case uno case

23 Jul 2018

Making Boxes in Fusion 360 for Laser Cutting

When making a box with a laser cutter, its entirely possible to make your design as a single flat drawing through careful planning and measurement – but who wants to do that!? This is a guide to making a box quickly and easily using Fusion 360....

Tags: box fusion 360 laser cut laser cutting parameters

2 Jul 2018

Using Slicer for Fusion360 for Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a very fast production and manufacturing method that has one limitation. You can only cut flat surfaces! Well don’t let that stop you from creating 3D objects and sculptures with a laser cutter, Fusion360 has a great app for co...

Tags: 3d modeling engraving fusion360 laser laser cutting slicer slicer for fusion360

25 Jun 2018

Convert an Image to a Vector Graphic for Laser Cutting

Interested in creating designs to be laser cut? In this tutorial, we will learn how to use Gimp and Inkscape to convert a graphic image to a vector image that you can cut on a laser cutter! In order for the job control software to turn your design i...

Tags: convert gimp graphic inkscape laser laser cutting vector vector graphic

19 Jun 2018

Getting Started Guide for Laser Cutting

Welcome to the exciting world of laser cutting! For all those makers out there looking to start creating with a laser cutter, this tutorial will have the basic information you need to get started! We recently added a Laser Cutting Service to our site...

Tags: cutting ectching engrave engraving etch laser laser cutting service services

18 Jun 2018