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Adafruit Feather Tutorials

Adafruit has developed their family of microcontroller boards, each of which utilizing different microchip combinations for specific tasks. Data logging, Wi-Fi, LoRa, and Bluetooth enabled boards are all among the collection of Feather Boards by Adafruit.

We've put together a range of tutorials to help you get started with Feather Boards and Wings. Enjoy!

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Hello World with the OLED FeatherWing

The OLED Featherwing by Adafruit is a particularly interesting Wing; it gives you a 128x32 monochrome OLED display right on top of your feather board. There's also three buttons to use that are internally connected to your MCU and accessible via the ...

Tags: display featherwing gfx hello world oled

17 Nov 2016

Wi-Fly with Feather Boards

I’ll level with you; the idea of microcontrollers and wireless networks was a little daunting to me initially. How on earth was I going to connect and control it with Wi-Fi?! But when I eventually I waded into the world of networking microcontr...

Tags: connection feather wi-fi

11 Nov 2016

Wings of the Feather

The Feather boards are the brains of your project, we took a closer look at the different models in our Birds of Feather article, check that out first (especially if you have no idea what the difference is between a feather and a wing). You can plug ...

Tags: bluetooth featherwings lora radio rfm wi-fi wing

9 Nov 2016

Boards of a Feather

Have you ever used an Arduino board, and wanted to hook it straight up to a JST connected LiPo battery but knew it wouldn’t work? Or maybe you wanted a microcontroller with built-in wireless capabilities? Well, Adafruit has developed their fam...

Tags: 32u4 boards feather samd21 wing

9 Nov 2016