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Analog Multimeters are more of an older design nowadays but can still pick up on things the sample rate of your digital meter might miss out on.
  1. Analogue Multimeter With Transistor Test (SKU: Q1026A Image 1) AQ1026A Core Electronics Products - In Stock - In Australia

    Analogue Multimeter With Transistor Test

    SKU: AQ1026A
    Ideal for observing constantly varying quantities such as cycling voltages or speaker resonance testing. Analogue meters are ideal for observingconstantly varying quantities such as cyclic voltages or for speaker resonance testing. This meter has 20kΩ/Volt sensitivity with a colour scale and mirrored arc for parallax error reduction. Includes audible continuity tester, battery test range, and up to 10A DC current measurement. Complete with integral stand, fuse and diode protection and test leads. Features Battery test range Continuity tester 10A DC current range Integral stand Fuse and diode protection Battery included Moving coil to measure extremely cyclic voltages Mirrored scale to minimise parallax error Resistance range zero adjustment Transistor hFE & LED tester Learn More
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