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Hey, Graham here from Core Electronics. When i first stumbled onto a YouTube video of a Solarbotics Marble Machine Kit, I moved heaven and earth to become Solarbotics distributors in Australia. We stock both Marble Machine Kits variants; the classic "solar" version and battery powered model. They are made from wonderfully laser cut timber that is easy to assemble and looks sensational on your desk be it at work or on the hobby bench.

Solarbotics has kits for any skill level, as long as you're not scared of a soldering iron (which we can teach you to use)! Nobody does documentation better which means you won't be left wondering how to put these parts together.

They've been operating for more than 15 years focused on BEAM robotics. Solarbotics know what they are doing very well, and you'll see from their online documentation, video, and photos that they want to bring you the best products they can.

These kits make for perfect geek gifts or instant desk cred. If you'd like to talk more about these products, then get in touch with us, we're Australian Solarbotics resellers and are here to help via 1300 334 338 or email.




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