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Siglent Australia

Core Electronics is proud to distribute Siglent test-and-measurement gear in Australia. Compared to other equipment-manufacturing giants, Siglent may seem like the "new kid on the block." but don't be fooled - they're pulling out all stops to service makers and professionals with high-quality, affordable bench equipment.

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  • Siglent SDG1032X Arbitrary Waveform Generator SDG1032X Siglent Australia

    Siglent SDG1032X Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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    SKU: SDG1032X
    Check out some of the key features of Siglent's new Arbitrary Waveform generator, the SDG1032X; 30MHz; 2 channels; 150MSa/s; wave length: 16Kpts; function/arbitrary waveform output amplitude:4mV ~ 20Vpp (high impedance); modulation (AM,DSB-AM,FM,PM,ASK,FSK,PWM,Sweep,Burst);frequency counter function.
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    Wed 22nd of Nov

    $560.00 AUD

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