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Integrating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) into the learning pathways of younger students is made easy with the use of RoboBloq’s kits and parts. There are multiple kits for learners of different ages available, from the Q-Scout to the Qooper. In addition to these kits, there’s an entire construction platform based on sturdy Anodized aluminium parts that can be used for modification of and creation of new projects.

The kits are configurable, with up to 15 different builds available (plus whatever your student/child can come up with on their own). When they have exhausted all the different options, take a look at some of their other modules and devices that can be hooked into the control board and programmed to work in the project. The entire RoboBloq range works together, meaning you get almost endless combinations and project juice.

The RoboBloq software features introductory programming with Scratch 2.0, and also offers a ‘level-up’ from the block based language into C++ and Javascript. The IDEs for RoboBloq are compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux PCs and can also be run from all popular Mobile devices with apps available on iTunes and Google Play store.

If you’re interested in learning more about RoboBloq gear, get in touch with us today. We’re here to help!

  • Robobloq Q-Bettle CE05750 Robobloq in Australia

    Robobloq Q-Bettle

    SKU: CE05750
    | Brand: Robobloq
    This kit is is an add-on pack for Q-scout and Q-scout Edu.
    $49.50 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST

    $49.50 AUD

  • Robobloq Q-Scout Edu CE05752 Robobloq in Australia

    Robobloq Q-Scout Edu

    SKU: CE05752
    | Brand: Robobloq
    Robobloq Q-Scout Edu is an ideal entry level programmable robot to STEM education for children over 6.
    $159.50 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST

    $159.50 AUD

  • Robobloq Q-Scout CE05751 Robobloq in Australia

    Robobloq Q-Scout

    SKU: CE05751
    | Brand: Robobloq
    Being easy to build and play, Qscout is the perfect STEM robot kit for those who first enter the robotics and maker world.
    $138.00 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST

    $138.00 AUD

  • Robobloq Qoopers 6 in 1 Robot CE05753 Robobloq in Australia

    Robobloq Qoopers 6 in 1 Robot

    SKU: CE05753
    | Brand: Robobloq
    Qoopers is the Coolest Metal Smart Robot for STEAM Education. It has modular design and can switch to more than 6 forms
    $295.00 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST

    $295.00 AUD

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