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Note - we have retired all Proto-PIC's range of products and recommend Kitronik for any future buyers. Get in touch with us to talk about your micro:bit projects.

The micro:bit is a tiny little ARM-based microcontroller board released by the BBC in 2016. It brings an exciting range of current-gen peripherals to the classroom (Bluetooth, accelerometer/magnetometer to name a few!). It's easy to see why the micro:bit is such a popular pick with educators and makers around the world. But if you're looking to level up your micro:bit experience, there's an innovative group of makers from the UK that are one step ahead of the rest; they've brought a range of micro:bit upgrades and accessories to the table.

Proto-PIC's range of micro:bit accessories and upgrades take your classroom experience to the next level. Their collection of micro:bit bits range from GPIO expansion boards (and other prototyping solutions) right through to Motor Drivers, controllers with programmable inputs, and, there's even a NeoPixel matrix! These boards will inspire educators with a range of lesson ideas, all the while being reliable, well supported and simple to use. Just what you need in the classroom!

The best part is, Proto-PIC is now available to Educators and Makers, Australia wide! 

If you want to know more about micro:bit or Proto-PIC, take a look at our tutorials, visit the forum or simply get in touch. We're here to help!

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