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Proto-Pasta Australia

Everyone knows ABS and PLA are the go-to filament choices for most 3D printers. But the question still hangs, where do you get high-quality, specialty filaments from?

Simply put, Proto-Pasta's range of exotic filaments are world-renown for their quality and diversity. Diversity is the best way to describe the range too, going well beyond the hum-drum march of typical ABS and PLA filaments. Is your ABS not quite strong enough? Well, try your hand at some ultra-durable and strong Polycarbonate ABS composite material. Liven up your PLA prints with stainless steel and magnetic Iron PLA composition. You can even heat-treat some of the Proto-Pasta PLA composites, to give them stability at up to 140°C (PLA usually loses that stability around 60degC!). To put it simply, Proto-pasta have really opened up the 3d printing material choices with their fantastic range of filaments.

Here at Core Electronics, we provide the best of the Proto-Pasta filament range to Australian 3D Printer Enthusiasts, so you aren't limited by what you can and cannot get for your 3D printer. If you can't find the specific Proto-Pasta filament you are looking for, get in touch with us; we're here to help!

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