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MikroElectronika is a Serbian Electronics company bringing high-quality, feature-rich software and hardware to Makers & Engineers all around the world. The name of the company originated as an Electronics magazine back in 1997, before crab-stepping into the Hardware, Software and Training world in 2001. A few years later, the company began to offer compilers for popular programming languages and micro-controller architectures (AVR, PIC etc). Nowadays, MikroElectronika is well-known for their outstanding, feature-laden software compilers, not to mention their open standard mikroBUS and industry renown "Easy" boards. 

If you pick up a compiler or software tool from MikroElektronika, you can expect a range of features commensurate with 15 years of well considered, industry appropriate development. There is a massive range of hardware and software libraries available.  Intuitive IDEs loaded with Code Assistants, Active commenting and more. Incredibly detailed documentation for training and education purposes and a whole toolbox full of additional tools (LCD customer character tools, Bitmap editing, Interrupt Assistance and more!).

Going with click boards for your next project? Expect a full-featured, open standard environment with boards and modules for (almost) every purpose. Tonnes of information for every, single board is available. Plus, plenty of support is available via their active forums. All boards are completely supported with the software tool-chain too.

We're happy to bring the best of MikroElektronika onboard for Australian Makers and Engineers! Scroll down to see the full range.

As always, we're here to help with any questions/queries you might have about any of the gear below! 

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