Circuit Scribe

"Look Mum! No Wires!"

Core Electronics is proud to be to a leading retailer for Circuit Scribe in Australia. Circuit Scribe is a revolutionary pen that writes in a non-toxic, but, conductive Silver Ink. This is a refreshing new method for newbies and seasoned makers alike to tackle the intricacies of circuit design! It's as easy as it sounds, simply draw a line--no shaking, squeezing or waiting for the ink to dry! Once you have your circuit traced out, you can use any number of the Power/Input/Output modules from Circuit Scribe to add to your circuit, the sky is your limit. If you've been waiting for a bright and easy way to integrate Arts into a STEAM program, then Circuit Scribe could be just what you need. It has become the gold standard for students learning electronics and it's easy to see why!

You can start by building one of their bundled kits or perhaps create something fantastic from scratch. Circuit Scribe is ideal for all skill sets from student to teacher to hacker! You can use it at home, in afterschool clubs and the classroom. Circuit scribe is a recommended learning tool for STEM Students aged 8-14, and a useful tool for all ages! 

Get in contact with us today - We welcome purchase orders from educational institutes!

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