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Chibitronics Australia

Chibitronics was the brainchild of Jie Qi and her passion for paper electronics. At the core of the product range is the idea of creating paper circuits. The circuits powered by copper tape and stickers which have embedded LEDs / other devices which allow you to bring electronics to craft-type inventions. Chibitronics will add bling to any project, are great for ages 13+ and are so much fun!

We have tailored guides on series circuits and basic switches, but that’s not even close to the limit of what you can learn and teach with Chibitronics. The Classroom Pack comes with all the components an educator would need to teach a class o...
Now that we have dipped our toes into the Chibitronics environment, let's take a look at a more in-depth kit and see what kind of projects it offers. The Chibitronics STEM starter kit comes with: 1 Circuit Sticker Sketchbook with 5 pro...
Technology has become a major part of everyday life. Constant innovations in our everyday technology can force people into a consumer role. What if we could take this consumer mindset and empower it with the foundations of electronics and technology?...

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