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Bare Conductive

Bare Conductive produces a line of conductive paint and printed electronics that allow you to integrate electronics directly into your environment. With Bare Conductive paint, every surface can be a circuit board. Combined with their line of capacitive touch sensitive controllers the sky is the limit when it comes to creative ways to reimagine circuits and electronics on any surface.

Bare Conductive products offer a unique remixing of the status quo when it comes to electronics and circuity. Sensors can be printed on paper, the circuit connected with lines of paint. Draw a keyboard on your table and connect it to a capacitive touch sensitive controller to turn your table into a keyboard. This is great for learning about electricity and circuitry with an added element of artistry and creativity.

Core Electronics are official retailers for Bare Conductive products in Australia, get in touch with us to talk shop about your next printed circuits project.

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