Ever needed a performance boost when running Machine Learnt AI Systems (like facial recognition) with a Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer? Or wanted some Depth Data from your Camera feed? Then the OAK-D Lite is for you! This is a single USB-C powered module that sports 3 Cameras and a suite of circuitry. It is like a Google Coral but with auto-focusing cameras. It has an autofocus RGB high-resolution 4K central camera that can run at 60FPS and two 480P Binocular Vision (Stereo) Cameras that can run at 200 FPS. There is also internal circuitry to the Oak-D Lite that does the hard yards of machine-learned processing and provides the Raspberry Pi with the results. Thus this offloads the computational operations to the module and leaves your Raspberry Pi free and capable to perform other tasks. The brain of the OAK-D Lite is an Intel® Myriad™ X Visual Processing Unit (VPU).



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