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Temperature Sensing with the TMP36 and Pycom

The TMP36 is a low cost, easy to use sensor that fits well with any project. With the TMP36, adding temperature sensing to your Pycom project is easy! In this tutorial, we will use the Pycom Lopy4, and send our measured data to The Things Network via...

Tags: lopy4 pycom sensing temperature the things network tmp36 ttn

13 Dec 2018

Light Sensing with an LDR and Pycom

One of the simplest sensors in any makers toolkit is a light sensor or LDR. An LDR works by changing its resistance from 1k ohm to 10K ohm depending on how much light is striking it. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use one with a Pycom Lopy...

Tags: ldr light lopy4 lora pycom sensing the things network ttn

13 Dec 2018

Ultrasonic Sensing with Pycom

One of the most common sensors in any makers toolbox is the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Rangefinder. They are an easy to use solution for detecting the proximity of objects up to 6m away! They work best in the 1-2 meter range though. In this tutorial, we will...

Tags: distance hcsro4 lopy4 lora lorawan micropython pycom rangefinder sro4 ultrasonic

12 Dec 2018

Send a Downlink from Adafruit.io via The Things Network

Any good LoRaWAN device can send data up to the cloud, but now its time to send data back down to the device. TTN Fair Access Policy limits the data each device can send. A TTN device can use 30 seconds of uplink time per day, per device. At most, yo...

Tags: adafruit.io dashboard downlink http ifttt integration iot lopy lopy4 lora lorawan pioneer pioneers pycom the things network ttn uplink

14 Nov 2018

The Things Network, IFTTT, and BEYOND!

Connecting your Pycom Lopy4 or another LoRaWAN device to The Things Network is the first step toward fully realized IoT fun! You’ve connected your device to TTN, you’ve decoded your payloads and now you can see all that data right there i...

Tags: adafruit adafruit.io ifttt iot lopy lopy4 lora lorawan pioneer pioneers platform pycom the things network ttn

11 Oct 2018

Encoding and Decoding Payloads on The Things Network

Sending data to the cloud is great! You’ve followed our Getting Started on The Things Network Tutorial and you have data streaming out of your Pycom Lopy4 and into your TTN account. There is just one problem, it’s all bytes! How do we get...

Tags: bytes decode encode iot lopy lopy4 lora lorawan payload pycom the things network things network ttn wireless

10 Oct 2018

Getting Started on The Things Network

Since you’ve got your new Pioneers Platform for Pycom assembled, with a Lopy4, Expansion Board, and Lora Antenna, let's start sending data to the cloud! The Things Network is a great free service that collects data transmitted over LoRaWAN. The...

Tags: cloud lopy4 lorawan pioneers pioneers kit pioneers platform pycom pycom kit the things network things network ttn

5 Oct 2018

uGateway: How to Update the WiFi Settings

uGateway is setup, with the exception of your WiFi password. It's perhaps best we don't know what that is! If you know your way around Pi Zero and Raspbian (with desktop edition) then you can edit WiFI details as normal. Here's how you can upd...

Tags: lorawan ttn ugateway

12 Feb 2018

Other tips for uGateway

Here are some other tips for your uGateway: We recommend you update the Raspberry Zero password - we've left it as default so you can make changes without a fuss. There is a folder on the Raspberry Pi Desktop with service scripts inside. You can ...

Tags: lorawan ttn ugateway

12 Feb 2018