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We've got the entire range of LattePanda gear available right here in Australia. Better still, we've put together a range of tutorials to help get you started with your next project!

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Raspberry Pi vs. LattePanda

Ah, what a glorious time we live in, where we have to compare which micro-computer is going to best suit our needs. If you’ve been in the maker sphere for just a short time, you’ll be sure to have heard of Raspberry Pi the miracle wonder ...

Tags: iot lattepanda microcomputer raspberrypi windows

24 Nov 2016

Arduino with LattePanda

Ah, Arduino and LattePanda coming together at last. What could be better? Well along with the fact that your LattePanda is a fully fledged Windows 10 computer so you can program any Arduino board you want as normal, one of the best things about Latte...

Tags: arduino iot lattepanda windows

18 Nov 2016

What is LattePanda?

If you’ve been around electronics for a while you’ll have noticed the trend of single board microcomputers targeted at hobbyists through to industrial projects, the most popular platform being the Raspberry Pi. Now the Raspberry Pi is awe...

Tags: arduino iot lattepanda windows

8 Nov 2016