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I wanted to upgrade my media center (RPi B+ with Xbian) to something a bit nicer, more stable and more accessible than just the RPi in a basic plastic case.

Project Description

I built an enclosure out of wood with aluminum front and rear panels.

All of the connections I wanted to use were broken out from the pi with panel-mount extension cables.

A lot of the electronic parts came from Core Electronics:

Enclosure materials include some marine plywood (Bunnings) merbau strip cut from scrap for the front edging and aluminium "propellor" plate (Bunnings).

Here are some shots of the build:






1. 1468633408_20160610_125743.jpg

2. 1468633408_20160610_151815.jpg

3. 1468633408_20160610_152144.jpg

4. 1468633408_20160610_152653.jpg

5. 1468633408_20160611_152824.jpg

6. 1468633408_20160612_140847.jpg

7. 1468633408_20160612_140852.jpg

8. 1468633408_20160612_140857.jpg

9. 1468633408_20160613_091002.jpg

10. 1468633408_20160613_091009.jpg

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