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Pimoroni Pibow 3 Coupé (Raspberry Pi 3, 2, & B+)

SKU: CE00319

$15.95 AUD, inc GST
$14.50 AUD, exc GST

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Pimoroni Pibow 3 Coupé (Raspberry Pi 3, 2, & B+)
15.95 AUD

SKU: CE00319

$15.95 AUD, inc GST
$14.50 AUD, exc GST
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Pibow Coupé. The slim, hackable, and attractive case for the Raspberry Pi!

Note: This case has been resdesinged to perfectly fit the latest generation Model B (3B+).


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2 and B+
  • extra venting, and a place for installing a heatsink if you really want to push your Pi (cutouts fit best for 3B+)
  • Super-slimline profile
  • Fully HAT compatible
  • Protects your beloved Pi!
  • Clear top and base leave Raspberry Pi visible
  • GPIO cut-out with laser-etched pin labels
  • Leaves all ports accessible
  • Made from lightweight high-quality cast acrylic
  • Great for hacking and tinkering!
  • Made in Sheffield, UK

Crafted out of five unique layers including a transparent top and base that leave your beautiful Pi visible inside. Each layer is laser-cut from colourful high-quality cast acrylic and once stacked they securely contain a Raspberry Pi 3, 2 or B+ while leaving the primary ports, including the camera port, display port, and GPIO accessible.

Weighing only 61 grams the case is lightweight and ideal for mounting to any surface. No tools are required for assembly or disassembly.

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Product Comments

Customer Reviews

  1. Review by Arnold verified purchaser

    Neat, Stylish, Compact, Sturdy. (Posted on 5/03/2019)

  2. Review by Tony verified purchaser

    Paired with my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and a PiJuice unit. Compact and easy to use. (Posted on 16/01/2019)

  3. Review by joe verified purchaser

    brilliant design, easy access with solid protection and the Pi has color now. (Posted on 30/10/2018)

  4. Review by Dave verified purchaser

    Due to having a few Pi 3B+ SBC's i had already purchased
    a Pimoroni Pibow 3 Coupe in Black and Clear, i decided to purchase this one in Red and Clear.
    I did this to differentiate between two 3B+'s and also to add a little colour to my collection.
    These cases are cut to super precise measurements and are extremely well made and are very nice and clear.
    Put some colour in your life and protect your Pi, from shorts with exposed components, the cover offers protection to a degree ingress of foreign objects or fluids.
    Dave. (Posted on 20/08/2018)

  5. Review by William verified purchaser

    This is now my preferred case for my Raspberry Pi 3. The accessibility to the GPIO is a key feature, whilst keeping the rest of the PCB protected. (Posted on 16/07/2018)

  6. Review by Benjamin verified purchaser

    Very compact and rugged. Looks Nice. (Posted on 7/05/2018)

  7. Review by Evan verified purchaser

    A really lovely case. Provides good access to all connectors and looks great. I combined this with a Unicornhat HD and it makes for a really impressive little unit. (Posted on 10/10/2017)

  8. Review by Doug verified purchaser

    Fantastic case. Easy to assemble, provides protection to the Pi, and still gives easy access to the GPIO pins. Highly recommended... (Posted on 17/06/2017)

  9. Review by Bernard verified purchaser

    A thoughtful design and very nicely made. (Posted on 26/05/2017)

  10. Review by Simon verified purchaser

    good looking case but flimsy, I broke some bits while putting it together but it still looks ok (Posted on 19/05/2017)

  11. Review by Scott verified purchaser

    Beautiful case that shows off the guts of the RPi. This case is really slick! Its 5 layers with 4 plastic bolts and nuts so its super simple. Just make sure you take off the protective layer from each before putting it together and it will look sweet. It impressed my colleagues when I showed it to them in all its glory! It really makes the RPi shine! (Posted on 23/01/2017)

  12. Review by Philip verified purchaser

    The Raspberry 3 and the selection of cases has opened up a new direction in my life . It can only continue . (Posted on 23/05/2016)

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