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Primo Toys brings education to life with it's unique learning platform, Cubetto. The goal of Cubetto is to introduce programming basics, critical thinking, and collaborative problem-solving in a way that is fun and tactile. One of the best things about Cubetto is that it achieves this without needing a computer or tablet. This means less screen time, less required equipment, and more learning.

Cubetto consists of a tactile wooden control board that allows you to build a program by placing modular, coloured blocks in a sequence. The control board then tells the Cubetto what to do, and brings your program to life! Use the maps and storybook challenges to create a unique adventure using Cubetto and engage young minds with creative exploration.

Educators will love the pre-designed lesson plans, curriculum material, and educator resources. This lets you hit the ground running and engage with students straight away. But Cubetto isn't just for the classroom. It's perfect for creative play at home, and it's a fantastic way to provide a tactile, hands-on activity as an alternative to a computer screen.

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