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Mooshimeter in Australia - distirbuted by Core Electronics! This device is a new type of multimeter, one that allows you to work and measure with wireless freedom, and brings plenty of extra features to the table. The team at Mooshim have created a multimeter which is versatile enough for every toolbox, yet simple enough that anyone can use it. We have tutorials to help you get started with your Moosimeter (they are also handy to see what it can do).

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We've been familiar with the Mooshimeter for a while now, we've got tutorials on Getting up and running with a Mooshimeter, how to datalog with your mooshimeter, taking voltage/current measurements with multi-meters and finally a whole article on moo...
The Mooshimeter is one of our favorite multimeters here at Core Electronics! If you haven't heard about them before, then take a quick look at our review. One of the most popular features of the Mooshimeter is the ability to log voltage/amperage...
The multimeter is one of the essential tools in your electronics toolkit. These battery operated devices combine several measurement functions into one easy to use device. You can get Analog or Digital multimeters, each displaying your measurements i...
  • Mooshimeter CE04630 Mooshimeter Australia


    8 reviews 0 5 4.9
    SKU: CE04630
    What could be more awesome than a high quality, multi-channel multimeter that operates over Bluetooth?
    $215.00 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST

    $215.00 AUD

  • Educator Pack for Mooshimeter CE04627 Mooshimeter Australia

    Educator Pack for Mooshimeter

    SKU: CE04627
    Our Educators Pack for Mooshimeter is filled to the brim with gear and is perfect for use in the classroom or at workshops.
    $4,500.00 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST

    $4,500.00 AUD

  • Workplace Pack for Mooshimeter CE04626 Mooshimeter Australia

    Workplace Pack for Mooshimeter

    SKU: CE04626
    What could be more awesome than a high quality, multi-channel multimeter that operates over Bluetooth? Having a whole bunch of Mooshimeters to equip your workforce with the latest and greatest in multimeter technology.
    $1,000.00 AUD, inc GST
    AUD, inc GST

    $1,000.00 AUD

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