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Makers around the world know and love Hobby Creek; their "third hand" holding tools are simply the best. We have a range of Hobby Creek products available right here in Australia.

Their range extends further than third hands (no pun intended!). Checkout the Fume Extractor Arm and range of Vices.

Educational purchase orders are welcomed - get in touch with us if you'd like to talk shop.


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  1. Hobby Creek Y-connector
    SKU: CE05639 Brand: Hobby Creek
    With the use of this Y-connector, you can have two alligator clips on a single arm! You will no longer be restricted to the number of slots in the base. Simply snap the blue ball joints on to the connector and off you go!
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  2. Hobby Creek Third Hand V2
    97% of 100
    SKU: CE04455 Brand: Hobby Creek Guides (1)
    As far as helping hand tools go, this one is the cream of the crop. The Third Hand from Hobby Creek is a must have tool for prototyping, soldering, really anything at all where you need to hold something in place while you work on it.

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  3. Hobby Creek Pana Hand V2
    100% of 100
    SKU: CE04457 Brand: Hobby Creek
    Add 4 helping hands to your PanaVise Work Center and level-up your work space! This tool is designed specifically to sandwich between the base plate and split ball mechanism of a PanaVise 350 Work Center.

    Out of Stock

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