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Sam shares a recent project - a Sound FX Button that records and plays back sound bites!

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Hey, my name is Sam from Core Electronics and I wanted to share a bit about a project I just built which is my sound effect buzzer button and it's pretty cool it's a really nifty you know Gizmo's type project that you keep on your desk take to parties, have somewhere. Pretty much you press the button and the different sound effects will play and you can load up your own samples or you can download the sample pack that I put together on the tutorial. So if I'm in the mood to hear my friend Aidan's voice of wisdom about our warehouse mottos I just get a "Trust the System!" which is pretty cool.

So I'll take you for a quick rundown on how I built it so yeah the bottom of the lid just lifts off, it's a press fit in I've got a double-a battery pack with three AAs to power it all and a lot of quite a long time on that it's pretty good. I've got the Adafruit sound effects mini board (the two MB version) on here just such an awesome product you just connect it to your computer and acts like a USB Drive and you just load the sounds that you want to play on there. It supports .ogg, .WAV files, it doesn't support mp3 though because of licensing and depending on how you name them controls which of the trigger inputs is going to trigger that sound that 11 inputs and you can also name them to get different effects such as randomized playing or you can sequence different sounds from the one button which is what I did. So when I press it it cycles through all the sounds and then goes back to the start the output of that hooked up to an Adafruit 2.5 watt mono amplifier which drives the 3 watt speaker I've got in here pretty cool bit of gear I'll put it using a big red dome button from Sparkfun which is really cool they're coming colors other than red but the biggest issue I had was how to put it all together because originally I thought well I'll just mount the speaker on the bottom it'll drive down with some standoffs no worries but the height of the thing was going to be ridiculous on you know 15-20 centimeters and it just wasn't a compact portable project.

So it turns out the diameter of the speaker was exactly the same as the clear acrylic tops of the dome button, so what I did was the switch here just twists out and take the part and show you how to put together so these two clips you just press those in and it pops out here. I hacked the top assembly for the buttons to pieces, grabbed the clip, epoxied that to the back of the speaker and then I epoxied the speaker through the acrylic dome and I printed out a collar here to fill the space and you know give it a bit of co-op's pretty cool so you get a really nice smooth action and it just slips back into place like so pops back in you get your nice switch action and then you can twist that back in, it;s not really designed to be taken apart and I've used solid core wire to make sure you know just to hold everything together and you get that nice quick and then power button right up to the battery enclosure so that you can turn it on and off as you want.

You can cycle through your sounds and now I recorded some sounds of our teams and favorite phrases that get thrown around the warehouse quite a bit, it's a pretty rough sample pack, I'd like to go through and rerecord them and polish them up make them really nice and you can feel like you're here at Core Electronics of it or you can load whatever you want up there to grab some sound samples from The Simpsons, you can record whatever it is you want to just cycle it through , those two ones aren't great, but then you get our friend Gordon, man behind the logistics magic, sending out your orders. He is all like "You're a Grub". Yeah, he's all about it. Yeah it's pretty fun project I've put pretty much most of the build process that I went through some pictures, wiring diagrams so you can follow through on your project stage so if you like to build one then put a post up in a forum I'd love to see how you guys remix this project that's all for today guys check out some of our other projects at core electronics.com.au