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Videos / Raspberry Pi Workshop - Chapter 1 - Download and Install NOOBS

The full Raspberry Pi Workshop in step-by-step format can be found here http://coreelec.io/piworkshop If you've purchased an SD card that already comes with NOOBS preinstalled, like the one that is supplied in our starter kit, it's still worth watching this section so you'll know how to re-flash a clean installation of NOOBS or another operating system.

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To get  our Pi up and running we’re going to download a package called NOOBS.  NOOBS stands for ‘New Out Of The Box Software’. It’s an operating system installer package that already contains Raspian but also allows you to load a few other operating systems which are downloaded from the internet and installed the first time you try to load them. If you’ve purchased an SD card that already has NOOBS installed you won’t need to follow along but this section might still be helpful if you ever want to install NOOBS on your SD card.

First off navigate to the RaspberryPi.org website - this is the website for the Raspberry Pi foundation, and go to downloads. This is where we can download NOOBS from and you could also download Raspian just by itself.  We’re going to download NOOBS and we want the full installation of NOOBS - not NOOBS LITE, so lets download that. Once that download is complete plug a SD card of at least 8 GB into your computer, and here’s our completed download and I’m just going to extract that and while that is extracting I’ll open my SD card - that’s here. Once that’s extracted I have the extracted folder and inside that folder are all these files. So we need to copy all of these files from our extracted archive onto the SD card.

Ok, that copy has completed so in the next video we’re ready to boot up our Raspberry Pi.