There were a lot of questions on our support line and forum asking what the deal is with the Raspberry Pi 400 and it's hardwired power shortcuts, so we whipped up this quick guide to help stop the confusion.


People have been hitting up the support team. So, quick public service announcement. The Raspberry Pi 400, the computer and a keyboard, is the first Raspberry Pi product ever to have a dedicated power button. Let me demonstrate.

Hold the function key, and then press F10 for two seconds. It's that simple. Safely shut down whether you're running Raspberry Pi OS or Ubuntu OS or RetroPie or Manjaro or LibreELEC or any other software.

Now, as soon as the 400 gets power, it's always gonna turn on, but if you have it powered on, like I do right here, and it's still connected to the power supply, simply by pressing F10 or FN F10, you can turn it back on.

The software has properly crashed and it's all froze. By holding the function key and F10 hard for 10 seconds, it will do a hardware shutdown. This is wired directly in the Raspberry Pi 400 chip to cut power.

So, with that, stay cozy.



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