Pycom WiPy 3.0: A Micropython enabled development board based around the powerful ESP32. We take a look at the high level features.


Hi, I’m Chris from Core Electronics and today we are looking at the WiPy from PyCom. It’s a microcontroller that you can program with Python and it includes WIFI and Bluetooth and it's very small. If you have a look at the bench here just for a comparison there’s a Raspberry Pi (bottom left), there’s an Arduino Uno (top left) and this is the WiPy here (bottom right) next to it there is an expansion board (top right) which allows you to plug in USB flash cards and a battery. Now we will go over to the pinout diagram and ill describe a little bit more about the features the Py has.

All right on the pin out diagram, I’m not going to specifically go through every pin, but you’ll find that the processor is a dual processer with 4MB Ram to hold your running programs 8MB flash holds your programs and data you get 2 UART’s, 2 SPI’s, I squared C, I squared S, there is a micro SD interface and 8 12bit ADC’s as well as 4 steam bit timers which will allow you to do LUM, there are 24 GPIO’s and all of that sounds like a large power budget, except it will run at 850 per amps while running WIFI and now that’s amazingly small and also 25 micro-amps in deep sleep so it will run for months in 18 650 cell.

Now well come back to the bench for a second. Okay on the bench here the Pycom WiPy we can see under the sticker is the ESP 32 microcontroller with all those interfaces that we just disgusted, we also have a reset switch there’s a multi-colour LED for flashing statist codes there a build in antenna for WIFI and for Bluetooth and an external UFL connector for an external WIFI antenna.

So, there are all the feature sets of the hardware, how would you program it? Well, of course, using Python so come back to the PC and have a look at the atom IED which is a great place to start. In a future tutorial, I’ll talk about how to set up your WiPy with the atom IDE and start programming in Python.

Okay, so those are the features of the WiPy that is the simplest board in the series. The features you’ve seen in the WiPy were included in all of the other microcontrollers boards as well as a Lora radio and CFox radio Cellular data or all of those radios in the one, you can also have a Py sense extension board which give you temperature, humidity, accelerometers, extra data like that a Py track board on the end there so you can create a tracking device of some kind. SO that’s a quick introduction to what we are going to do in future videos. There will be a getting started guide and an overview of each one of these and if you want any information on them to have a look at the website and hit us up at the forum

See you.



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