In this tutorial, we will learn how to set up the Onion Omega2/Omega2+ for the first time using the command line.


Hi, I'm Dave here at core electronics and today I'm going to show you how to perform the first-time setup of the Onion Omega2 using the command line.

Now the Onion Omega2 does have a graphical user interface however after lots of testing here at Core. We found that it can be quite buggy and unreliable. Especially if your Wi-Fi network strength isn't all that it could be. Our recommendation in pretty much all cases is to just use the command line interface, which doesn't limit you in any way it's easy to use and today I'm going to show you how to get started with it in just a few minutes.

Okay let's get started there the Onion Omega I've got shown here, is that factory defaults and we're going to perform the first time set up. The first step is to turn the power on to it we're going to perform this setup entirely over Wi-Fi but if you've got a USB dock, like this one you can complete it using a USB cable. But there's no need to we'll do it all through SSH.

Now we're just waiting for the orange light there to stop flashing which means that the Omega has fully booted this takes about a minute or so sometimes a little longer if the Omega is fresh out of the box.

Okay the only thing its telling us that the Omega is now fully booted up and before we go over to the computer we'll just read the label on top of the Omega here that says that it's Omega 9C34. Each Omega we'll have a semi unique name is a very small chance you could get two with the same name but is pretty unlikely. So, make note of that name on your Omega and head over to your computer. First step is to connect your computer's Wi-Fi to the ad-hoc network that the Omega is generating. You'll see mine is here Omega - 19C34 I'm going to uncheck connect automatically because things go a bit smoother with that unchecked and connect. Now normally it had asked you for a Wi-Fi password there and the default password is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, my computer is remembering the password because I've been using this Omega before.

Alright now we should see our Omega name and no internet secured. We now need to open up putty, which is a free program it's easy to download I'll add in a link below and now you can type your Omega and then it's name.local this naming system only works if you've got apples Bonjour service installed and I suggest you to install that as it makes working with multiple omegas a lot easier.

But unfortunately, it hasn't worked in this case, so I'll show you how to use the fallback IP address. When you are connected to the network that the Onion Omega hosts you can always connect to it directly with the IP address if you see this don't worry just hit yes, login as root and the default password is Onion Ear. All right and now we're logged in the first thing we need to do is connect our Onion Omega to the local Wi-Fi network. So, we're going to go Wi-Fi setup or one word we're going to press 1 and then enter to scan for available networks alright my network is Telstra 15 D 8. I'll enter the password for that. All right now Wi-Fi manager is going to restart to connect the Omega to that Network and because it restarted we've lost our connection with putty, so we can close that.

Wait about 30 seconds or so and then go ahead and connect up to your Omega dash whatever Network again.

Okay, the network works fine you can open putty again enter the IP address again, username is root password is Onion Ear. All right now I'm going to enter the command o u P grade I like to say it as oupgrade. This is going to check whether your Omega needs a firmware update and if so it'll download and install it. Before I press enter on that, I want to drive home the point that once this process is started do not disconnect the power or the internet connection, don't want to brick your Onion Omega.

Okay, so you can see that it's determined that a new firmware update is required, and it is currently downloading that firmware file and will begin flashing it to the board shortly.

Okay now it's writing the firmware upgrade you'll see the LED on the border started flashing. We should leave the power and the internet connected until that light stops flashing.

Now once the Omegas finished booting it should be connected to our local Wi-Fi network and running the latest firmware.

The Omega is finished rebooting and now we can make sure that everything is working properly. You'll notice that this time my Wi-Fi is not connected to the Onion Omega I'm just using my normal network connection and the Onion Omega should behave as an ordinary Wi-Fi client. So, let's bring up putty again. Type in its unique address, login this root password is Onion Ear. All right I can see we're running b160, which is the latest firmware and we do a makeup ping which means we have a working internet connection.

Thanks for watching, I hope this helps you set up your Onion Omega2. In the future if you have any issues comments or questions as always, don't hesitate to leave a comment below or head over to our forum.



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