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Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Lite

SKU: CE04632

$42.50 AUD, inc GST
$38.64 AUD, exc GST

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Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Lite
42.5 AUD

SKU: CE04632

$42.50 AUD, inc GST
$38.64 AUD, exc GST
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The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Lite (CM3L) is identical to the Compute Module 3, however, the CM3L doesn't have the 4GB of onboard eMMC flash storage, but instead breaks the SD/eMMC bus pins out to the edge connector pins which allows you to implement that storage external to the board.

The Compute Module 3 Lite brings the same processing power that the Raspberry Pi 3 does but in a DDR2 SODIMM card form factor which makes it better suited to commercial and industrial applications. The SoC BCM2837 delivers a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, plus all of the peripheral functionality and GPIO pins are available through the SODIMM connector.

The 200-pin DDR2 SODIMM form factor allows for cheaply and readily available sockets to be used for new designs, although it's important to note that the CM3L pinout is different to the previous Computer Modules are they are not electrically compatible.

The CM3L is compatible with the CM3 (the same development IO board is used for both), however, note that unless you already have a product/project designed for the Compute Module 3 Lite, you will not be able to use it as you would a normal Raspberry Pi. Unless you know your way around the SODIMM form factor then you will need the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Development Kit in order to use this product.

The beauty of the CM3L is that it allows for complete control over the final design. If you want to break out the HDMI port but not the USB ports, that's up to you. It's important to note that the Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality found on the Pi 3 are not on the CM3L.

If you want to learn more about the Raspberry Pi platform in general, check out the Raspberry Pi 3 board for more info.

**The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Lite isn't as user-friendly as the Raspberry Pi 3 and is intended for advanced users in industrial and commercial applications**


  • 31mm x 67.6mm x 3.7mm

BCM2837 Peripherals:

  • 48x GPIO
  • 2x I2C
  • 2x SPI
  • 2x UART
  • 2x SD/SDIO
  • 1x HDMI 1.3a
  • 1x USB2 HOST/OTG
  • 1x DPI (Parallel RGB Display)
  • 1x NAND interface (SMI)
  • 1x 4-lane CSI Camera Interface (up to 1Gbps per lane)
  • 1x 2-lane CSI Camera Interface (up to 1Gbps per lane)
  • 1x 4-lane DSI Display Interface (up to 1Gbps per lane)
  • 1x 2-lane DSI Display Interface (up to 1Gbps per lane)

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